History of Latvia



March 1917

Latvians need a country of their own

At a Vidzeme Land Council conference an official resolution is adopted for the first time claiming: "The Latvian people share the right of all other peoples to full self-determination."




April 1917

First Latgallian Congress

Latgallians hold a congress in which they decide that they should join people from Vidzeme and Kurzeme in the effort to achieve Latvian statehood.




November 1917

Declaration: Latvia must be autonomous

An official document is drafted to the effect that Vidzeme, Kurzeme and Latgale form an autonomous country. In view of this, the Council of Commissars of the Russian Soviet Federal Republic later issues a directive that Latgale should be separated from the Vitebsk gubernia and added to the Vidzeme gubernia.




November 1918

Republic of Latvia proclaimed

On November 18, 1918, the Republic of Latvia was proclaimed at the Second Theater of Riga, which we now know as the National Theater. That was Latvia's birthday. Birthdays are wonderful events if we all participate in bringing them about.




1918 - 1920

Independence battles

Just because independence has been proclaimed does not mean that it is smooth sailing from then on. Germany and Soviet Russia did not want to give up Latvia, so Latvians had defend their statehood for close to another two years. For the first time, the newly formed First Riflemen's battalion fought for its own country.




First half of 1919

The Provisional Government of Latvia

While battles were still raging, nothing could be taken for granted. But a government, albeit a provisional one, was formed in Liepāja.





Election of the First Constitutional Assembly

After independence was decisively won in the field of battle, people could finally elect its Constitutional Assembly – in other words, the parliament.




January 1921

International recognition of Latvia

The difference between a fantasy country and a real one: the latter is recognized internationally.





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