Give Latvia your time!


A Birthday is a Birthday even for a country. You can, of course, have it organize everything and entertain everyone on its own. But how about being a good friend and helping? 

Give joy to Latvia on its centenary!


This digital platform has been developed for the purpose of gathering a group of volunteers of the kind that this country has not seen before by the centenary of the Republic of Latvia.

Every resident  of Latvia, irrespective of where he or she is located, has an opportunity to share one, two, three or fifty-three hours of their time to help with the preparations for the centenary.

These hours are accumulating in a deposit of Latvian time. The “Latvia 100” team will get in touch with each and every time giver to discuss how his or her help would be best used during the two-year preparatory stage, during the centenary year and after the celebration.

After receiving your answers to the four test questions, the system will determine which task is best suited to your skills: whether its physical tasks, working on the computer, coordinating or creative thinking.

Do you want to complain or act?  If you have donated your time to Latvia, you have made your choice for making this celebration such that we would all enjoy instead of going along with what someone else has cooked up.