White Tablecloth Celebration

White Tablecloth Celebration — Latvia 100

Place: Latvia and abroad

White Tablecloth Celebration — Latvia 100


On May 4th, inauguration day of the Latvian Centenary Celebrations, people in Latvia and around the world will be celebrating White Tablecloth Day.

White Tablecloth Day is a tradition, initiated by the Latvian Centenary Bureau on 2016, to celebrate Latvia’s second birthday and to remember May 4th, 1990, when the Supreme Council of the Latvian SSR adopted the resolution declaring the renewed independence of the Latvian State—that decision renewed our sovereignty. That was the day we chose freedom, we said YES to the books we want on our bookshelves, YES to communicating with our friends from around the world, YES to freedom of information, initiative, and genuine participation.

Everyone is invited to create their own White Tablecloth Celebrations—with family, community, friends, or colleagues—to lay the table together and celebrate our freedom. On this day the white tablecloth is a symbol of self-confidence and pride, and the essence of the celebration is to be together and to communicate. You might want to sing or dance together, watch a film, do poetry and prose readings, celebrate significant events in your neighbourhood, and honour the special people and old traditions that emphasise our non-material cultural heritage and Latvian culinary traditions.

Created and done by: Office Latvia 100