In Matter to Matter, Arthur Analts recreates the transition from gas to liquid using a large green–glazed glass surface. Matter to Matter invites visitors to leave their own message or print and, after a couple of minutes, the temporal marks naturally disappear. Through this process Analts asks us to consider the power of nature and highlights the role of designers and architects as the creators of a responsible, sustainable future where nature and its inhabitants coexist. It is a statement about culture and transience, of secret messages, and the ways in which nature can cover over human traces.

The installation is serene, meditative even. The apparent simplicity of the design conceals a sophisticated technological solution behind the main feature. It does not shout at you but quietly encourages you to take part.

Matter to Matter by Arthur Analts is exhibited during London Design Biennale as part of Latvia’s centenary celebrations.

More info+photos:
Design: Arthur Analts (Variant Studio)
Story: Arthur Analts, Rihards Gecis, Janis Lipsans
Director: Rihards Gecis
Cinematographer: Ivars Burtnieks
Editor: Ivars Burtnieks
Sound design: Oriole
Costume design: Mareunrol's




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