19 February

Latvia's next 100 years: modernity rooted in heritage

The 2018 centenary of the establishment of the Latvian republic provided Latvians with an opportunity to reflect on how far we have come as a nation and to look to the future.

7 February

Local movie-watching in Latvia tripled in 2018

In 2018, the popularity of locally-made films nearly tripled in the country, with the market share of Latvian movies reaching 22.07% of total, up from 7.84% in 2017, the National Film Centre reported February 4. In total, more than 550,000 tickets to local films were sold, out of the total of above 2,530,000.

29 January

The State Choir LATVIJA Announces Début Canadian Tour

The State Choir LATVIJA, under the artistic direction of Māris Sirmais, will be touring Canada for the first time from July 3 – 13, 2019.

28 January

Rīga's Moscow Suburb to become animated in new movie

A new animated adventure movie, based on a children's book, will dramatize a story of children trying to prevent changes in the face of Rīga's colorful Moscow suburb.

8 January

The exhibition of historical records “We want to be free, we will be free!”

The exhibition of historical records “We want to be free, we will be free!” is dedicated to the formation of the State of Latvia in the context of showing neighbouring countries Lithuania and Estonia, as well as Poland and Finland, which were founded or reinstated after World War One and also celebrate their centenaries in 2017–2018.

13 December 2018

Latvia’s National Encyclopaedia’s electronic site to be launched

11.00 on Tuesday 18 December will see the launch of Latvia’s National Encyclopaedia’s electronic site – a high-quality general-knowledge and information online resource in the Latvian language, accessible free of charge – at Bebrene Manor in Bebrene Parish.




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