22 February

34 Latvian books to appear in English ahead of London Book Fair

To introduce British readers to Latvian literature, the English translations of 34 books by Latvian authors will be published in the UK ahead of this the London Book Fair, which this year will take place from April 10 to 12, Inga Bodnarjuka-Mrazauskas, the head of Latvian Literature platform, said at a news conference on February 21.

19 February

Centenary magazine published online

The culture portal has published a special "Centenary Magazine" in English listing all the significant cultural events planned for this year in connection with celebrations of the country's founding centenary.

16 February

Baltic States opens 100 year independence anniversary celebrations in Japan

On February 14, Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania opened 100 year independence anniversary celebrations in Japan with a concert of Maestro Mr. Gidon Kremer and the chamber orchestra Kremerata Baltica, that was followed by reception.

14 February

In Riga, landscape art object tells the tale of Lithuania’s, Estonia’s, and Latvia’s centenary

In February, landscape art object “The Gate of Honor”, inaugurated early 2018, symbolically tells the tale of the Baltic States’ - Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia – centenary. Three flags intertwine in a unified pattern depicting each country’s centenary symbol whilst recounting history’s important events.

7 February

Baltic Academies’ Orchestra - young Baltic talents on tour

Proudly celebrating the Centenaries of all three Baltic States, talented students from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and young musicians from other countries around the Baltic Sea will perform together.

5 February

First-time exhibition of Latvian children’s books to be on view in the Republic of Korea

On 6 February, at 16:00, the National Library for Children and Young Adults of Korea will host the opening of a children’s book exhibition, “In the Magic Forest. Stories by ‘Fairytale Grandmother’ Margarita Stāraste”.