Latvian Institute is realizing a new multimedia project - "The Latvian ABC"


Approaching, thirtieth Anniversary of Restoration of Latvian Independence  May 4th, Latvian Institute is realizing a new multimedia project - "The Latvian ABC".

"The Latvian ABC" in English will be available in various formats - as an e-cards, an audio-book and printed brochures, which, the same as other Latvian Institute editions, is created for wide use - to tell about Latvia all over the world.

"The Latvian ABC" tells about the characteristics and peculiarities of Latvia and Latvians in 33 letters of the Latvian alphabet, highlights personalities who have contributed to the formation of state, nation's self-confidence in history and present, provides insight into historical events, examines our traditions, nature, architecture and many other national treasures.

The light, humorous intonation addresses those interested in Latvia and gives each of us the opportunity to tell common stories about Latvia.

The printed edition will be available by applying in advance on the website, as well as digitally on the and websites and on the social networks of the Latvian Institute.

General public was involved in creation of "The Latvian ABC". In the social network digital participation project, everyone was invited to write their associations about Latvia in 33 letters of the Latvian alphabet, creating an incentive and inspiration for the book's authors, co-authors and advisors to reach the final result of 64 coloured pages.

An insight into the foreword of the book:

This is more than another clichéd book about the beautiful nature, amazing artists and athletes and remarkable architecture of this greenovative singing nation. Because this is all well-known already. Some people are fortunate to know Latvia or Latvians. But if you don’t or you want to know them better…

This book is here to help you understand Latvians better. After reading this, you will get "the Latvian thing" wherever you are in the world. 

Beware - this book can make you feel like jumping naked into an icy pond. 

Yes, we do that. 

We are Latvians and we like you (but don’t expect us to show that right away). 

To apply for physical copies of the publication, please fill in the material form (books will be ready after May 4th, everything will be available digitally from April 30):

Digital solutions and audio book will be sent in separate links, which will be integrated into the website. They will be available through a link for placement in exhibitions and on other platforms.




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