10 December 2019

The Results of Latvia’s Centenary Celebration Programme Will be evaluated at a Forum

The annual Latvian Centenary Program Forum will take place on Wednesday, the 11th of December. This year's forum is dedicated to the results of the first phase of the Latvian Centenary Program from 2015 to 2018.

19 November 2019

Exhibition "Portable Landscapes: Memories and Imaginaries of Refugee Modernism"

The Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art in collaboration with the James Gallery at the Graduate Center, CUNY opens an exhibition "Portable Landscapes: Memories and Imaginaries of Refugee Modernism" on November 19.

19 September 2019

“Cosmic Existence” – first exhibition of the project “Unexpected Encounters”

“Unexpected Encounters” is a research and exhibition project that explores the relationship between science fiction, art and processes in society, and is initiated by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art.

23 August 2019

Riga International Airport celebrating the Baltic Way 30th anniversary with a dance on the runway

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way, this morning more than 100 dancers performed one of the noblest Latvian national dances – Gatves Deja on the runway of Riga International Airport.

22 August 2019

"airBaltic" honours the 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way with a special gift

On August 21, 2019, Latvian airline "airBaltic" welcomed its partners and employees at Riga International Airport where a very special event was held to honour the 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way that will be marked on August 23, 2019.

22 August 2019

Across the world, the Latvian Foreign Service recalls the significance of the Baltic Way

From the United States of America and Canada to India, Japan and Uzbekistan, Latvian embassies and consulates abroad together with their colleagues from the Baltic State diplomatic missions, diaspora organizations and Baltic friends will engage in a far-reaching public diplomacy programme, The Baltic Way 30.




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