15 December 2016

The Centenary of Latvia’s Foreign Affairs: Ideas and Personalities

The upcoming centennial of Latvia’s statehood provides an important occasion to reflect on the country’s international achievements and offer a self-critical look at what remains to be done. This publication identifies main currents in Latvia’s foreign policy thinking and the most remarkable individuals that contributed to shaping them.

15 December 2016

Latvijas Banka actively engages in the programme for Latvia's centenary celebration

Latvijas Banka will actively engage in Latvia's centenary programme by contributing contents consistent with its role. It will ensure research on significant developments in the financial history of Latvia and assessment of the contribution of outstanding personalities.

19 November 2016

Baltic Sea Region countries jointly prepare for ambitious centenary celebrations

Representatives of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Finland announced that their respective countries are cooperating closely to make the most of the upcoming centenary celebrations as an opportunity to tell the world about the history and the importance of the Baltic Sea region countries, as they presented their collaborative projects on October 19, 2016.

18 November 2016

What does Latvia mean to foreigners?

A video dedicated to Latvia's upcoming 98th birthday on November 18 has 98 foreigners tell what Latvia means to them in a few words. The video invites people to come celebrate the country's upcoming centenary in 2018.

16 November 2016

Latvijas Pasts makes an addition to the series Republic of Latvia – 100

Latvijas Pasts makes an addition to the series Republic of Latvia – 100 by releasing stamps dedicated to outstanding athletes

9 November 2016

More than 800 events for 100th annivesary

Latvia's official program of events linked to celebrating the 100th anniversary of the country's founding will include more than 800 events. The program includes more than 300 events of national importance, over 100 projects supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation, and more than 400 events organized by local governments.




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