The Results of Latvia’s Centenary Celebration Programme Will be evaluated at a Forum


The annual Latvian Centenary Program Forum will take place on Wednesday, the 11th of December. This year's forum is dedicated to the results of the first phase of the Latvian Centenary Program from 2015 to 2018. Colleagues from Lithuania and Estonia will share the experience and success of their own centenary programs. The main events of the 2020 Latvian Centenary Program will also be discussed. The forum will be held at the Pullman Riga Old Town Hotel (Jēkaba iela 24, Riga) from 10 am.

Programme (pdf)

The forum will be opened by the Minister of Culture Nauris Puntulis followed by Professor Žaneta Ozoliņa from the Political Sciences Department of the University of Latvia who will talk about the Latvian Centenary from idea to research. The centenaries of Lithuania and Estonia were also widely celebrated with multi-year programs. The Head of the Estonian Centenary Action Committee, Toomas Kiho, and the Communications Expert of the Lithuanian State Chancellery, (as well as the Director of the Lithuanian brand, and the Communications Expert of the Restoration of the State of Lithuania), Marius Gurskas, will talk about the experience, benefits and human involvement of our neighbouring countries. Selga Laizāne, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia will address the objectives and results of the Latvian Centenary Program.

The Latvian Academy of Culture, in collaboration with the Laboratory of Analytical and Strategic Studies Ltd, has conducted a study on the results of the first phase of the Latvian Centenary Program (2015-2018), and will present the results to the forum.

The research undertaken by the Vice-Rector of the Latvian Academy of Culture, Professor Anda Laķe, is dedicated to the uniqueness of the program and the accessibility of participation. Branding Expert Lolita Ozoliņa has explored the importance of communication in strengthening a sense of belonging. In turn, Baiba Tjarve, the leading researcher of the Latvian Academy of Culture’s Academic Research Centre, will talk about the involvement of various target groups in the Centenary.

The Latvian state wasn’t created in a day; it was a purposeful, courageous and far-sighted endeavour undertaken by the Latvian people. It took several years to form, defend and consolidate the nation state, which is why Latvia's Centenary program goes from 2017 to 2021, exploring the many important events and personalities that took part. The program started on the 4th of May 2017, with the Centenary of the Latgale Congress and will end in January 2021 with the Centenary of Latvia’s international De iure recognition.

Dainis Īvāns, the first Chairman of the Latvian Popular Front and Linda Pastare, Head of the Ministry of Culture’s Office Latvia 100, will discuss the central events of 2020 with the motto "Freedom".

The overarching goal of the Latvian Centenary Program is to strengthen the civic will of the Latvian people at large and engender a sense of belonging and love for one's country by promoting self-organizing processes and cooperation. "I am Latvia" is the key message of the centenary celebrations which serves both as an invitation and a reminder that it’s the people of Latvia that are its greatest value; those that have dedicated their lives to the creation and existence of an independent state, form its present and lay the foundations for its future.


Mass media representatives are advised that there will be photo, video and interview opportunities with forum attendees.


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