What does Latvia mean to foreigners?


Source: LSM.lv

Family, a second home, snow, clean water, fresh milk, and a new life - these are all things people from around the world have found in Latvia.

A video dedicated to Latvia's upcoming 98th birthday on November 18 has 98 foreigners tell what Latvia means to them in a few words. It was published Wednesday.

The video invites people to come celebrate the country's upcoming centenary in 2018.

"Foreigners name self-evident and everyday things - which we often forget to consider - as special treasures," said newscaster Eva Ikstena, who authored the video with director Jurģis Tūbelis and operator Mārtiņš Sudrabs.

An Egyptian from Kurzeme related emotionally that Latvia for him, in one word, is security as they can move around at night and the children feel safe. A woman from Andalusia in Gulbene named 'the rustle of leaves' as an unprecedented feeling as it's not like that in her home in Spain. A student from Saudi Arabia saw snow for the first time in his life on the day of the filming.

Source: lsm.lv/public brodcasting of Latvia




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