5D cinema "Look at Riga"

5D cinema "Look at Riga" — Latvia 100

Place Informative art space "Look at Riga", Riga

5D cinema "Look at Riga" — Latvia 100

Datums:30.06.2018 — 30.06.2019

The first multidimensional movie "Look at Riga" was created as a tour around the urban environment, where the city’s historical charm together with the zealous rhythm of modern metropolis is caught, meanwhile viewing its most significant historical, art and architectural objects from another point of view. It is captured as a dynamic flight, and watching it is like taking part in a real tour with a presence effect. Together with animation, sound effects and the usage of 5D technology lets the audience not only to travel virtually, but also feel real emotions. The use of 3D stereoscopic images, movement imitation, wind gusts, water splashes, touch, vibrations and other presence effects turns the audience from passive travellers into active ones.

Visiting the informative art space "Look at Riga" has become more and more popular between tourists and locals, because it allows the audience to travel around the city in only 12 minutes, furthermore, the weather is invariably perfect.

The movie targets a large demographic – children, youth, adults and also seniors.

The cinema is equipped with 12 seats and the newest 5D Video and Audio Technologies. The cinema's lobby offers the best Latvian artist and designer store.

Created and done by: Look at Riga

For information regarding event accessibility for people with disabilities contact the event organiser.




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