Business Information Centre “Magnetic Latvia” at Riga International Airport

Business Information Centre “Magnetic Latvia” at Riga International Airport — Latvia 100

Place Riga International Airport, departure sector C

Business Information Centre “Magnetic Latvia” at Riga International Airport — Latvia 100

Datums:27.02.2018 — 01.10.2020

The Business information centre serves as one of the first stopping points for foreign and local guests, including businessmen and diplomats, providing an opportunity to receive consultations at Riga International Airport from the employees of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) about business and collaboration opportunities and most interesting tourism objects in Latvia. 

It is planned to organise meetings for foreign clients and Latvian businessmen. Also Latvian businessmen will be welcomed to visit the Business information centre. Two separate rooms have been set up for meetings at the Business information centre, both rooms have been equipped with the necessary equipment to deliver presentations. The facilities may be also combined so also small conference room will be available will be available for visitors to organize seminars, meetings and other presentation events.

Latvia-characteristic interior elements are located in the central part of the Business information centre – trees made of high-quality plywood, as well as an extensive exposition of Latvian design items, introducing visitors with the works of the most remarkable Latvian designers. A 10 x 3 m wide screen is positioned along the main wall where videos that have been created particularly for the Business information centre are demonstrated. These videos supplement the exposition room by telling stories about Latvian people, nature, arts, business, and Latvian business advantages.

LIAA has concluded a contract with Riga International Airport regarding the use of premises (total area of 347 m2) in the departure sector C for a period of three years, therefore it is planned that the Business information centre Magnetic Latvia will be available there at least until October 2020.

It is planned that over a period of three years the centre will be visited by more than 280,000 guests of Latvia and Riga International Airport, including more than 5000 businessmen and foreign official delegation representatives. 

The Business information centre has been opened on 27 February 2018.

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