Celebration of historical pipe organs

Celebration of historical pipe organs — Latvia 100

Place Visa Latvija

Celebration of historical pipe organs — Latvia 100

Datums:04.05.2017 — 24.09.2017

Latvia has not only beautiful nature and prominent personalities, it is also the LAND OF PIPE ORGANS – almost anyone has heard this statement. However, does everyone know why? A good many would answer – see, we have our pipe organ of Riga Dome Cathedral, while…..

Latvia can be justly proud of at least 300 prominent and valuable instruments (at the moment 88 of them are on the list of scheduled monuments) and it is an enormous number for our small nation.

It is essential to celebrate the grand anniversary of Latvia in churches, exploring and demonstrating the diversity and splendor of the Latvian pipe organs and a special voice of each instrument. The only record of our historic pipe organs built in Latvia is the book “Tūkstoš mēlēm ērģeles spēlē” (“Organ Plays in Thousand Languages”) published in 1989 by now already late musicologist Ilma Grauzdiņa. The situation in the Latvian churches has changed a lot since that time – many historic instruments have been restored and renovated; however, there are places where pipe organs unfortunately have not survived. Therefore, the aim of this project is to draw attention specifically to historic pipe organs little known among the public.

Within the framework of the festival both the Latvian residents and foreign guests will have an opportunity to travel around all the Latvian regions and to hear and compare the sound of historic instruments, as well as to get acquainted with cultural and historical heritage.


The following activities are planned at each venue:

•Lections prepared by organists, restorers, and builders telling about interesting and unknown facts about the Latvian historic pipe organs and the pipe organ culture in Latvia. Latvian pipe organ builders, masters, teachers, and composers, whose art and lives were devoted to the Latvian pipe organ art, will be praised in these lectures;

•Demonstrations of pipe organs and concerts involving professional musicians and local ensembles;

•Video projections where the public will be able to see the performance of organists on the screen.

•Exhibitions of drawings by children and young people “Mana ērģeļu zeme'" (“My Land of Organs”) which will be displayed in churches and community centres in cooperation with local schools of art.

•Besides that, after the concerts the interested audience including young people and children will have an opportunity to try playing pipe organs and explore the principles of their operation in the presence of organists and organ-builders.

Opening of the celebration, May 4th, 2017

 Source: Facebook

Created and done by: Biedrība mūzikas aktivitātēm Pleno

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