Countryside Entering the City

Countryside Entering the City — Latvia 100

Place Riga

Countryside Entering the City — Latvia 100


Particular attention will be given to education of kids and school children; bringing together different nationalities and generations; national patriotism, dignifying and appreciating producers’ performance and skills.

Visitors will be introduced to all the traditional sectors of agriculture - animal husbandry, horticulture, crop production, beekeeping, cultivation of grain, organic farming, forestry, fisheries, and the equipment used in these areas.

The event will give possibility to see how the bread is baked, milk is produced, honey is collected, what is the role of the grain dryer and crop harvester, how does forestry machinery work, and many more. Each visitor will be able to smell, to touch, to hear and see the daily work of farmers and forest managers, and to get acquainted with the fisheries sector.

Countryside Entering the City will create interest in today's life and work in rural areas, agriculture and rural development opportunities and the diversity of traditional and non-traditional farming practices and efficient use of resources; will discover the versatility of agricultural sectors; will rise interest for a high-quality living environment in the countryside, will inform about the modern scientific and technological achievements in agriculture and rural development sectors.

Through various activities it will be possible to receive information about the life in the countryside, to visit farms set up in the city and to buy Latvian products produced or processed in the represented sectors, as well as to spend qualitative leisure time.

Created and done by: Ministry of Agriculture

For information regarding event accessibility for people with disabilities contact the event organiser.




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