Digital Freedom Festival

Digital Freedom Festival — Latvia 100

Place Riga

Digital Freedom Festival — Latvia 100

Datums:27.11.2017 — 28.11.2017

On the 27th and 28th of November this year, Riga will host an intimate yet influential technology and startup conference Digital Freedom Festival (DFF). The conference will bring together over 1300 technology and startup entrepreneurs, experts, policymakers, investors and inspirational speakers from all over the world.


The central theme of the festival will be the digital revolution and its effect on business, politics and lifestyle. For two days, participants will look for answers on how society, policymakers and entrepreneurs can collaborate, use the advantages created by technology and benefit from it. Startups will be able to participate in a pitching competition and present their products and services at the Expo in order to attract clients, investors, employees and gain international media attention. Investors will be able to meet with talented startup and technology entrepreneurs from the Baltic region as well as from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.


Digital Freedom Festival (DFF) co-founder Uldis Leiterts says:

“Our vision is to develop DFF as a ‘Technology Davos’ where we look for solutions to world problems. We want to think a little wider than how to build a billion dollar startup. For example, what is the future of states in the digital world? How will the development of artificial intelligence change daily life? How should legislators react to the challenges of the digital world? Our plans include the targeted development of DFF so that in 2018, for Latvia’s centenary, Riga would be one of the most influential technology and startup meeting places in the world.”

Created and done by: Digital Freedom Festival

For information regarding event accessibility for people with disabilities contact the event organiser.




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