END & BEGINNING. Exhibition by artist Ieva Jurjāne

END & BEGINNING. Exhibition by artist Ieva Jurjāne — Latvia 100

Place Latvian National Museum of Art

END & BEGINNING. Exhibition by artist Ieva Jurjāne — Latvia 100

Datums:10.11.2018 — 03.02.2019

The title of the exhibition is a reference to the anthology by Rainis, “END & BEGINNING”. The poet explains the introductory part of the anthology, “Coming to Your Senses”, in this way: “A person comes to one’s senses, and realizes the necessity to look for the meaning of existence”.

The artist approaches the meaning of existence through people, and reflects on the implacable nature of time through the medium of painting. The individual and their uniqueness fascinate Jurjāne as a never-ending and universal value, similarly to nature itself. The aim of the exhibition is deeply personally motivated, and fits well with the occasion of Latvia’s centenary, because it refers to values that are rooted in the past and grow into the future.

Ieva Jurjāne creates portraits through long-term studies from real models. The subjects are the aged, almost all older than 90, and very young children – up to one year of age. In parallel, Jurjāne also uses drawing to document dead birds and newly emerged buds. To her mind, a person’s life is accompanied by nature’s constant cyclic renewal as a kind of parallel life – a similarity which a careful observer sees in the emergence of a green shoot or the death of a bird. The exhibition is a clearly conscious meeting between that which is coming to an end, and that which is only beginning.

Created and done by: Latvian National Museum of Art

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