Inga Erdmane’s solo exhibition "The Pleasure of Ignorance"

Inga Erdmane’s solo exhibition "The Pleasure of Ignorance" — Latvia 100

Place Latvian Museum of Photography (Mārstaļu iela 8 (entrance from Alksnāja iela), Riga)

Inga Erdmane’s solo exhibition "The Pleasure of Ignorance" — Latvia 100

Datums:06.04.2018 — 06.05.2018

Within the framework of the Riga Photography Biennial 2018, the Inga Erdmane’s solo exhibition The Pleasure of Ignorance will be on view in Latvian Museum of Photography.

In 2016 Inga Erdmane created a social art project in the form of a photography workshop for five clients of the Latvian Probation Service. This led to a 1000 page photo book – a testament to the pleasure that ignorance can bring to the artistic process and shows how five “naive amateurs" allowed their freedom from understanding photographic conventions to produce a compelling collection of images.

For the workshop, participants were given a disposable camera and developed tools to capture the world as they see it. Erdmane intended to serve solely as intermediary helping them become aware of themselves, the camera and their environment through photography. During regular meetings she would discuss the results with the participants and offer artistic and technical feedback making them increasingly perceptive and more confident with the medium. No specific subject matter was imposed and the photos could be of anything deemed interesting. This led to nearly 40 rolls of filled film. The resulting images were of varying quality and a document of process, progress and result. Erdmane discovered that her workshop photographers had a quality she rarely encountered in the professional field. They exhibited a “pleasure of ignorance” which allowed for a freedom to photograph differently from those schooled more conventionally. They could break rules they never knew existed and the results were frequently surprising and exciting. With the book Erdmane want to invite the reader into the world of the participants as they captured it but also to have them consider the wealth of potential that ignorance, naivety and not knowing can have on the creative process.

Riga Photography Biennial, an international contemporary art event, will take place from 5 April in Riga, Liepāja, Cēsis, Daugavpils and Tartu (Estonia) as part of a wider programme celebrating the centenary of the Republic of Latvia, offering a varied programme of exhibitions, performances, symposium, discussions and masterclasses.

The theme of this year’s Biennial is self-awareness – who we are and who we chose to become in times when social, political and cultural dynamics afford us continuous and new transformation opportunities. The title of the Biennial ‘I Like Your Face’ using face as a metaphor highlights the complex processes involved in the formation of identity and meaning.

Many thanks to exhibition supporters and partners: State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia,
Hibnerstudio, Lux Express, AS “Antalis”, un, Latvijas Radio 1, Radio NABA, magazine Ir, Punctum, Satori.

Curator: Edd Schouten (NL)

Image: Inga Erdmane. From the series The Pleasure of Ignorance, 2016

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