Karosta Festival

Karosta Festival — Latvia 100

Place Karosta, Liepāja

Karosta Festival — Latvia 100

Datums:08.06.2020 — 14.06.2020

WHEN? From June 8 till 14

WHERE? Liepāja, Karosta

WHY? To celebrate 30 years of Latvian independence from Soviet Union, since Latvia declared restoration of independence in 1990, May 4.


We plan for the following artworks to be created during the Festival:

• 360⁰ painting of Karosta Prison cell (4 walls, floor and ceiling painted to created one work of art). Karosta Prison is visited by more than 20 000 people annually, the painted cell will become part of its permanent exposition.
• Mural on the wall of the Coastal Artillery fort by the Baltic sea. The ruins of Karosta forts by the sea are spectacular, a fine example of the unchallenged force of nature and a favorite walking place for many. The creation of this mural will be a challenge, but in turn will give one of the best background images.
• Murals inside and outside the Redan fort. Redan fort is the location of main and final event of the Festival on June 14, when the works will be presented to the public.
• Sculpture or installation in Karosta water tower. Karosta water tower is an impressive structure in the middle of Karosta that is no longer serving its purpose. The water tower sees more and more visitors every year who come to admire it.
• Live-painting and live-sculpting during the main events of the Festival.
• Live performances.

June 12 – event in Karosta Prison. Presentation of 360⁰ cell painting, 2 panel discussions (Latvian), vintage market, live-painting or live-sculpting and performances.
June 13 – event in Karosta water tower. Presentation of sculpture/installation, poetry group presentation (Latvian), live performers.
June 14 – final event in fort Redan. Presentation of all artwork, presentation of audio-video room (Liepāja University), poetry room (Latvian), jazz band, old-timer moto parade, vintage, market, live performers.

Created and done by: NGO of Karosta

For information regarding event accessibility for people with disabilities contact the event organiser.




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