Master class Re-creating" by Floris Schönfeld

Master class Re-creating" by Floris Schönfeld — Latvia 100

Place Gallery Museum LV, Andreja Pumpura iela 2, Riga (2nd floor) and Latvian Museum of Photography, Mārstaļu iela 8 (entrance from Alksnāja iela), Riga

Master class Re-creating" by Floris Schönfeld — Latvia 100


Master class Re-creating" by Floris Schönfeld — Latvia 100

Time:12:00 — 17:00

Within the framework of the Riga Photography Biennial 2018, the master class Re-creating by Floris Schönfeld will be held in Gallery Museum LV and Latvian Museum of Photography on April 7.

One of the most recognized trademarks of Floris Shönfeld's works is his particular and profound approach to the process of artistic creation - he conducts interviews with an anthropological depth and gathers documental facts, later synthesizing the obtained data with his own imaginatively generated and often absurd contents, creating a sophisticated and witty fiction. Visually presenting it through the formats of performance, installation and video. Shönfeld's virtuosity lies in his capacity to turn objective and documental data into new, conceptually and artistically unique, surreal forms.

The focus of his work in the last years has been on a rather eccentric groups and communities such as Klingon language enthusiasts, LARPists, voodoo practitioners etc. Two of his works are a great example: The QIH ActKlingon Musical Artifact #6 from the project u – a Klingon Opera (2012-2016) and The Richest Family; The Early Episodes (2014), presented in the exhibition Today I'm a Mermaid. Tomorrow I'll be a Unicorn.

Participation in the workshop will give young artists and other interested parties an opportunity to get to know this creatively systematic approach through practice. Together with Shönfeld, participants will explore the archive of the Latvian Museum of Photography, choosing concrete materials and objects to work with. The participants will then be encouraged to re-interpret the known by playing with meanings and the historical context of the chosen materials in order to creative new, conceptually and visually unique narratives - sketches for potential art projects. Thus the masterclass will not only provide an opportunity to enrich your knowledge and views, but also, possibly, to gain inspiring ideas and methodological tools useful for your creative development.

Application - by completing the application form at till March 30, 2018. Additional information via email: Please turn on Javascript to see email address!

Riga Photography Biennial, an international contemporary art event, will take place from 5 April in Riga, Liepāja, Cēsis, Daugavpils and Tartu (Estonia) as part of a wider programme celebrating the centenary of the Republic of Latvia, offering a varied programme of exhibitions, performances, symposium, discussions and masterclasses.

The theme of this year’s Biennial is self-awareness – who we are and who we chose to become in times when social, political and cultural dynamics afford us continuous and new transformation opportunities. The title of the Biennial ‘I Like Your Face’ using face as a metaphor highlights the complex processes involved in the formation of identity and meaning.

Many thanks to master class supporters and partners: State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia,

Latvian Museum of Photography, US Embassy Latvia, AS “Antalis”, Lux Express, Rixwell Hotel Konventa Sēta, Grata Eco House,,, Latvijas Radio 1, Radio NABA, “IR”, “Punctum”, “Satori”.


Curator: Elīna Ķempele (LV)

Image: Floris Schönfeld. u-Klingonu opera, 2009-2012

For information regarding event accessibility for people with disabilities contact the event organiser.




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