Photo exhibition “Then and Now"

Photo exhibition “Then and Now" — Latvia 100

Place Doma square, Rīga

Photo exhibition “Then and Now" — Latvia 100

Datums:26.03.2018 — 27.04.2018

Commemorating the Baltic States Centenary, all interested will be able to view a Tallinn and Vilnius photo exhibition entitled “Then and Now” from 26 March to 27 April 2018. It was created as a “Baltic States Centenary Celebration. Riga’s and its commonwealth cities Vilnius and Tallin joint project.” This exhibition is one of Latvia’s Centenary Riga’s program events.

During the exhibition, Riga residents and visitors will have the chance to view large-scale photo prints depicting the history and today’s lives of both country capitals. Tallinn’s exhibition encompasses 39 photographs, which document the city in both 1918 and 2018. Yet, Vilnius’ exhibition consists of 19 photos that were taken during Lithuania’s most significant moments of the past 100 years.

Both cities alongside their photographs have also created exhibition annotations, which inform the reader about important historical moments; photo authors and their descriptions; and information about depicted facts, objects, and events. Tallinn’s exhibition's introductory information and photo annotations are in Latvian, Estonian, and English; while Vilinus’ exhibition’s texts are in Latvian, Lithuanian, and English.

This exhibition came to fruition with the support of Riga Municipality; and in collaboration with the Education, Culture and Sports Department of Riga City Council as well as Tallinn Department of Culture and the Education, Culture and Sports Department of Vilnius City Municipality. Exhibition’s curator is photographer Ilmārs Znotiņš.

The exhibition is viewable for free 24 hours/day. It will be lit throughout the evening and night.


Information was prepared by Education, Culture and Sports Department of Riga City Council Public Relations Manager Indra Vilde. Contact information: office - 67026838, mobile - 26708034, e-mail - Please turn on Javascript to see email address!  

For information regarding event accessibility for people with disabilities contact the event organiser.




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