Song and Dance Celebration exhibition in Kuldiga County Museum

Song and Dance Celebration exhibition in Kuldiga County Museum — Latvia 100

Place Kuldiga County Museum (Pils iela 5, Kuldīga)

Song and Dance Celebration exhibition in Kuldiga County Museum — Latvia 100

Datums:09.11.2018 — 07.04.2019

The XXVI Nationwide Song and XVI Dance Celebration held in 2018 marks 145 years since the Gala concert of the first Nationwide Latvian Singing Festival, and also celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Latvian State. Over the years, Song and Dance Festival has become a significant event of the Latvian culture, highly appreciated both on national and international level, which gathers Latvians from all over the world.

As part of Latvia’s centenary celebrations, Kuldiga County Museum invites to learn more about the Song and Dance Celebration which has played a very important role in uniting the Latvian nation, strengthening its national self-esteem and maintaining the idea of an independent state in challenging times throughout the history.

This festival has united Latvian people in joy and in sorrow, in celebrating freedom and in living under occupation. It gave an opportunity to stand united in singing, dancing and playing music for those who were united in their hearts, and to express something beyond words.

The Museum has set up this exhibition in close cooperation with a private collector Mr Roberts Kulpe who devoted 35 years of his life to collection and systematization of items related to Song and Dance Festival, that way gathering historical evidence about the festival from its early beginnings up to date, both in Latvia and abroad. The exhibition is also enhanced by informative and stock materials prepared by Kuldiga County Museum, as well as items donated by people living in Kuldiga County who also shared their memories about their participation in Song Festivals.

Enjoy your journey into the history of this unique celebration and feel its special atmosphere here in our Museum!

Created and done by: Kuldiga County Museum

For information regarding event accessibility for people with disabilities contact the event organiser.




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