Textile art project #100dečiLatvijai

Textile art project #100dečiLatvijai — Latvia 100

Place GORS (Rēzekne, Pils iela 4)

Textile art project #100dečiLatvijai — Latvia 100

Datums:02.10.2018 — 25.11.2018

#100dečiLatvijai is a textile art project realized by Annele Slišāne. Weaving is a way of thinking, understanding the order of the world. Creation of world’s canvas – up, down, white, black, rising, falling, day, night. Weaving is a lifestyle and love, meditation and painting in the loom. Textile art project #100dečiLatvijai is a personal present to Latvia in its hundred year anniversary. 100 rugs woven during 100 weeks, every from a different material. First rug was woven in 21 August 2016 in Zeļču loom. In hundred year old looms located in Latgale and Riga were performed experiments with various materials, going into new textile searches, showing respect towards nature and historical, cultural heritage. Woven from flowers, from unrefined plant sttems, from various plant, animal and artificial textile fibers. Realizing the idea of preserving the treasures of nature and sustainable development, rugs are woven from reusable materials.

In the rugs I have woven Dreams, Childhood, Universe, Miracles, travels in Time and Reality. Every rug has its own story and its own value.

100 stories in material.

100 stories in Latvian and Latgalian languages, all published in the book #100dečiLatvijai.

To discover and every day a new fall in love with our Latvia. To meet it in meadows, forests, swamps, rivers, lakes and the sea. Save the miracle and love of meeting in works. To walk the childhood tracks in Latgale. To smell the sweetness of dropwort and the bitterness of yarrow, to humbly lower oneself to the anthill and rise to the birch tops, to count the petals of the cornflower and the barbs of the thistle. To weave the rugs of the miraculous verbenas, the flying dandelions, and the healing nettles. To weave into the rugs love and deep admiration of my land, childhood memories, dreams and infinity.

Created and done by: Annele Slišāne

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