The EAS Annual Conference

The EAS Annual Conference — Latvia 100

Place Jelgava

The EAS Annual Conference — Latvia 100

Datums:12.03.2018 — 17.03.2018

The EAS Annual Conference aims to provide a stimulating meeting place for all those interested in music education. On each occasion the conference takes place in a different country in agreement with a specific institution or organisation with which EAS has a link through an EAS member who is the Conference coordinator. In 2018, when Latvia celebrates it's 100th anniversary, we organize the conference in Latvia.

The programme comprises: practical workshops offering professional development and sharing of practice; research papers; reports of projects, events and initiative; forums for specific groups: e.g. National Coordinators, Students teachers, doctoral students and National Associations; EAS general Meeting; concerts and resource exhibitions.

The European Association for Music in Schools is a music education network. It brings together all those concerned with music education to share and exchange knowledge and experience in professional fields and to advocate for high quality music education accessible to all.

We provide a forum for teachers, teacher educators, students, researchers, artists and policy makers working in school related music education in Europe.

Music education and music educators play an important role in the development of musical abilities, knowledge and understanding, as well as attitudes towards music. Music educators motivate and facilitate the musical creativity of learners, and the skills and confidence to communicate their ideas musically; and support learners to pursue their own interests and goals.

As an association EAS works to support the music education community through the development and coordination of networking, conferences, projects, and other activities. We give opportunities to music educators to join a community of practice in order to help improve music education.

EAS members develop professionally by gaining knowledge and skills, sharing experiences and ideas and reflecting on their practice. As a community, members discuss issues affecting music education and identify ways to influence policies.

In accordance with the principles of UNESCO, we contribute to a better mutual understanding among peoples and their different cultures and to the right for all musical cultures to coexist. We support the importance of music at all levels of education in our society and promote cultural expression as one of the key competences for lifelong learning as agreed in European policy.

Created and done by: The EAS Annual Conference

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