International scientific conference FM&NT-2018

FM&NT-2018 is an international scientific conference with around 180 delegates from different countries. Discussions of important scientific developments, cooperation for project applications and exchange of knowledge will be organized, exposing Latvia as one of the centres of science of the world.

The 4th World Congress of Latvian Scientists

An event of major significance for science in Latvia – the 4th World Congress of Latvian Scientists – will take place in 2018 when Latvia celebrates its Centenary.

European Planetary Science Congress 2017

European Planetary Science Conference, gathering planetary and cosmos researchers, experts, and related businesses. Many public events, including events for children and young people, in the framework of the conference.

Exposition “Audible Universe”

RIXC artists are experimenting with radio signals on Earth and Space, expanding science borders. RIXC art works reveal myths and facts about Skrunda signal and follows evolution of Latvian radio astronomy from restoration of Latvian independency and RT 32 to Latvian first satelite – Venta 1.

Compatriot Days in Gulbene 2017

Compatriot Days in Gulbene will gather and join compatriots and former locals from far and near – those who live abroad at the moment and those who have found their residence place in other cities and towns of Latvia. It will be a gathering full of music, art, sports, culture as well as common dancing and singing.

More than 40% of the total budget of Latvia’s Centenary assigned to the „Latvian School Bag”

The initiative „Latvian School Bag” is the biggest gift of Latvia to its more than 200 000 pupils. Starting September 2018, it will integrate exploration and experiencing of natural and cultural values, scientific achievements and successful business models into the school programmes and make it accessible to every schoolchild in Latvia.




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