The Baltic Way will be marked with a series of significant events throughout Latvia

In just three weeks, on the 23rd of August, thirty years will have passed since some two million people in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia joined hands to form a chain of people connecting the capitals of the Baltic States - Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius.

The Main Events of Latvia’s Centenary 2019

In 2019, the centenary programme will commemorate the events that were essential to the formation of Latvia's statehood: the Freedom Battles, the founding of the Latvian army, the emergence of national and local institutions, and the unique Baltic Way campaign.

Latvia’s National Encyclopaedia’s electronic site enciklopedija.lv to be launched

11.00 on Tuesday 18 December will see the launch of Latvia’s National Encyclopaedia’s electronic site www.enciklopedija.lv – a high-quality general-knowledge and information online resource in the Latvian language, accessible free of charge – at Bebrene Manor in Bebrene Parish.

10 Ideas for Marking Latvia’s Centenary

On the 18th of November the centenary of the proclamation of Latvia’s independence will be widely celebrated in Riga, Latvia and all over the world with a range of formal and informal events.

Fill out a quiz and get a customized Latvia’s centenary event calendar

The Latvia 100 website has already published more than 2000 different events, therefore, the online centenary event "changing room" pielaiko.lv100.lv/en will diligently try to discern the interests of each celebrating individual and to match them with the most relevant program of events.

European Planetary Science Congress 2017

European Planetary Science Conference, gathering planetary and cosmos researchers, experts, and related businesses. Many public events, including events for children and young people, in the framework of the conference.




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