Exhibition "Family Bussiness"

Kim? Contemporary Art Centre proudly announces a solo show by Finnish-Israeli artist Dafna Maimon. One of the themes unfolded in this exhibition is the experience of society making headway towards tolerance and togetherness which are qualities of great importance in the context of the Baltic Sea Region, Europe and the globe.


International kayaking marathon Gauja XXL have history since year 2010; the participants came form Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Great Britain, USA and Finland. River Gauja is 424 km long- it starts in Vidzeme, flows through wonderful vallies,

Hotspot: Business

Join our hotspot, the name of it - business! That is what we mean by our conference - Hotspot: Business. The most successful Latvians meet and give their knowledge to the younger generation, you just need to join! Stories, questions and answers!

The exhibition "Akademia: Performing Life" / International exhibition series Portable Landscapes

Contemporary art exhibition "Portable Landscapes" examines the stories of exiled and emigré Latvian and Baltic artists, locating them within the broader context of 20th-century art history, and wider processes of migration and globalization.

In Riga, landscape art object tells the tale of Lithuania’s, Estonia’s, and Latvia’s centenary

In February, landscape art object “The Gate of Honor”, inaugurated early 2018, symbolically tells the tale of the Baltic States’ - Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia – centenary. Three flags intertwine in a unified pattern depicting each country’s centenary symbol whilst recounting history’s important events.

Children’s book exhibition "In the Magic Forest. Stories by ‘Fairytale Grandmother’ Margarita Stāraste"

Children’s book exhibition “In the Magic Forest. Stories by ‘Fairytale Grandmother’ Margarita Stāraste” has opened at National Library for Children and Young Adults of Korea.