Tapio Wirkkala. Poetry in Glass, Porcelain and Silver

From 13 October to 5 December 2017 the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design (10/20 Skarnu Street, Riga) will present an exhibition of works of the outstanding Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala, Poetry in Glass, Porcelain and Silver.

Contemporary art exhibition “The Borders” in London

Arthur Analts exhibition theme - the borders, is very topical both in contemporary culture and in the current political discourses. The exhibition will look at the concept of boundaries as functional, demarcating and emotional – the unity of people and the power of the ideas.

The sketch design of Latvia's upcoming Museum of Contemporary Art has been finished

The sketch design of Latvia's upcoming Museum of Contemporary Art has been finished, with construction to be concluded in 2021.

PUBLIC MIRRORS Poster Exposition - 2017

At the beginning of 2017, the shopping centre “Origo” begun a series of exhibitions devoted to the centenary of Latvia, continuing this exhibition cycle, the first large-scale exhibition will be revealed “PUBLIC MIRRORS. Poster Exposition – 2017”, devoted to the posters in Latvia – the beginnings,

Exposition “Audible Universe”

RIXC artists are experimenting with radio signals on Earth and Space, expanding science borders. RIXC art works reveal myths and facts about Skrunda signal and follows evolution of Latvian radio astronomy from restoration of Latvian independency and RT 32 to Latvian first satelite – Venta 1.

The Riga Photography Biennial 2018 Award ‘Seeking the Latest in Photography!’ is open for entries

From 17 July until 15 September artists from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are invited to submit their work for the Riga Photography Biennial 2018 Award.




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